The Colorado Cookie adventure began in Paris in 1987, when Heather and Sean Mac Evoy, two young Americans originally from Colorado, decided to introduce Parisians to American pastry.

They opened a Cookie Shop where they handcrafted cookies, muffins, brownies and crumbles under the Colorado Cookie Co. brand.

The entire world of American pastry came together: the atmosphere, the colors, the softness, the yummy flavors and that irresistibly mouth-watering smell. It was a huge success. People came from all over the Ile de France region to enjoy a delectable American-style treat.

Over the years, Colorado Cookie Co grew in popularity. The Cookie Shop could no longer keep up with the growing demand.

In 1995, Colorado Cookie moved to larger premises in eastern Paris, close to one of their main customers: Disneyland Paris.

In 2000, Antoine and Stéphane Deschamps purchased and developed the company.

In 2010, they joined forces with Unigrains, a partner of many French SMEs in the agri-food sector, to combine their respective expertise.

In 2017, the Galapagos Group, owned by the Tacquard family, joined the structure, adding its expertise in delicacies as well as strong commitments to CSR issues.



The credo of Cookie Créations, under its Colorado Cookie brand, is to create products that respect its original intuition. Simple, artisanal production, quality ingredients, authentic pastries.

The quality of our recipes begins with a rigorous selection of raw ingredients, sourced as close as possible to our workshop.

Our human-scale production is backed by simple tools: forming machines, baking on ladders in rotary ovens, and a variety of packaging lines for prod acts offered in bulk or individually wrapped.

Kneaders, bakers and packers work daily on our production lines.

The freezing process, which is the final stage in our manufacturing process, preserves the gustatory and organoleptic qualities of our recipes. It guarantees ease of consumption, with a shelf life of 18 months frozen, several days in a cool place after thawing and 3 days at room temperature.

This artisanal, proactive approach has positioned Cookie Créations as a key player in the world of snacking and desserts for professionals and their customers.

Research and development are at the heart of our expertise. With a portfolio of over 300 recipes, we are constantly working to create new combinations based on market expectations or specific customer requests.

Our site follows the quality protocols required by our customers, and we carry out a number of audits each year to guarantee and improve our practices.

Our high-quality standards have earned us BRC certification.



Driven by a philosophy that combines quality and authenticity, we have chosen to make a number of strong commitments.



Our skilled craftsmanship is reflected in our product ranges, which come in a variety of weights and packaging formats (loose sheets or individual packs).

Delicious treats for every moment of the day
Yummy pastries but also:

  • Palm oil free,
  • GMO-free
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colorants
  • Natural flavors
  • Free-range eggs
  • Certified chocolate
  • 18 months frozen
  • 9 days in positive cold after defrosting
  • 3 days at room temperature


In addition to the work we’ve been doing for several years on simplifying our recipes, we are committed to implementing a comprehensive assessment of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through EcoVadis.

The environmental, social, ethical and responsible aspects of all our raw ingredients and packaging are at the heart of our day-to-day actions.

We are proud to be one of the TOP 25 companies to be awarded a Gold rating by Ecovadis in 2022.

We have been working since 2017 to meet the commitments for sustainable development defined by the UN. To date, we are able to sign up to 11 of the 17 goals and continue working to improve our score.

The majority of our raw ingredients are sourced within a 300 km radius (over 80%), so “made in France” is a value we hold dear.

Finally, for 2 years now, we have been certified SME+, the label for independent French companies on a human scale, with ethical and responsible practices.


They have left their kneading troughs, ovens or packaging lines (and sometimes their masks) to introduce themselves: they have been with us every day, often for many years, making the pastries they are truly proud of.

Thank you for your commitment and professionalism.